You will be served an early breakfast, in time to board the plane for the flight to the scenic Obudu Mountain Resort. You will land at the Bebe Airstrip,

where a bus will take you up to Obudu Mountain resort and checked into your rooms. While you are in Obudu, there are several leisurely activities line up for you including tour of Obudu Becheve nature forest, the cable car ride, waterpark, Tour of Resort facility – Presidential retreat, international conference centre. You will also go to the Spa, canopy walkway, Grotto,  and the Holy Mountain. Lunch will be en route (packed lunch).

However, there will be community entertainment for you, after an early dinner at the resort. The community entertainment includes traditional dance and a controlled burn-fire in the moonlight.

ABOUT OBUDU: The Obudu Plateau is spread over an area of 40sq miles [100km2] and rises to about 5200ft [1, 584 meters] above sea level.  The Plateau is a giant massif in its own right and its peak reaches a height of about 1, 716 meters [5630ft] above sea level.  The plateau is known to be a habitat of rare species of birds. Obudu is a popular tourist destination. Some its tourist attraction sites include:


Just before noon, you will depart from Obudu Resort to see some of the most scintillating attractions in Nigeria including the Drill Ranch, Agbokim Waterfalls, and Mfum town where the Suspended border bridge between Nigeria and Cameroun stands. You will also catch a glimpse of the Republic of Cameroun. Your lunch will be packed and served enroute.

Along the way there would be stop over for lunch and snacks. On the way back to Obudu Resort, you would have brief stops to buy local craft works as souvenirs. 

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