Pick up from the airport and check you into the designated hotel. Your tour activity will commence tomorrow morning. 

DAY ONE: Abuja City Tours

Meet & Greet at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, and transfer to hotel. Then pick up from hotel, after a meal, and drive through the nation’s capital: Abuja, the fastest growing modern, city in Africa.

Drive through the Central Districts, Maitama, Garki, Wuse, the Three Arms Zone and more. These areas are the nerve centre of Nigeria, and also host the three arms of government, as well as, accommodate leading administrative buildings in Nigeria. The areas are generally well-secured, serene and visitor-friendly.

Abuja Park and zoo, close to the President’s Aso Rock and Cave in Asokoro. The rock serves as a fortress of sort to the residence of Nigeria’s presidents; in fact the presidential residence is aptly called “Aso Rock”. Tourists will have close views of the rock formations and take pictures.

Visit to arts and crafts markets. Nigeria’s arts and craft are world renown, so tourists will be taken to a market in the centre of Abuja, where they buy rare and personalized arts works – paintings, sculptures, ivory carving and etc.

Lunch will be served at an exotic restaurant in the Central Area. Return to hotel for leisure and overnight.

DAY TWO: Greater Abuja Sites

After breakfast, take a drive to Zuma Rock, the national symbol of Abuja. It is also called the rock with a “human face”, due to natural engravings on the rock that resembles a human face. The rock is the main landmark of Abuja, nationally and internationally; the images adorn most brochures and postcards about Abuja and Nigeria.

By mid-day take a hike at the Katampe Hills. A spot on the hill is scientifically proven to be the geographic centre of Abuja and Nigeria. It is the centre-point of Nigeria – North, South, East and West. The rock is very easy to climb and provides a scenic (vegetative) view of Abuja environs and that of neighboring states like Nasarawa.

Visit to a traditional Gbagi village. The Gbagis are the aboriginals of the present federal capital territory, Abuja. As a people, the Gbagis are reputed to be very nice, hospitable and visitor-welcoming. They also have some unique African way of life, like carrying heavy loads on their shoulders, instead of their heads, as most African cultures do.

Light lunch will be served en route. There will also be stops for picture takings, interaction with locals and opportunity to taste local dairy or food. Return to hotel for dinner, and overnight

                                                                                                        END OF SERVICES

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