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Do you fit the needs of a "Corporate/Business travel" buyer? Kindred Travels is best equipped to serve you!

These are usually international travelers with eye for excellent local travel services. It serves the corporate traveler best when he arrives to be picked up at airports/train stations, checked into strategically located hotels and served with a personal touch. 

At Kindred Travels, we learnt early that most businesses and corporations handle their traveling costs as intrinsic part of their business operating costs. Hence, corporate travelers are not ostentacious, nonetheless require world class travel services at the quality that project their business brands. This market segment are meticulous in their travel planning as they must meet the scheduled meeting times. 

Corporate/business travel buyers usually plan their trip ahead of time, and

  • Prefer competitive travel destination service pricing
  • Travel for shorter perods (2 to 4 days) at any particular trips
  • Insist on flexible ticket routing, in case of extensions of stays
  • Use more of destination handling for meetings and conferences
  • Combine work with pleasure, when available

Kindred Travels is well positioned to efficiently provide your domestic and international travel and destination logistic services. We have successfully built travel service infrastructure to get you deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, airport transfers, and any combinations of these services in Nigeria and the diaspora.
Put succintly, we shall assign you one of our experienced, and smart, travel consultants to manage your travel service purchases and fulfill the promised delivery buy zoloft online .  

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