In Nigeria, the month of December is seen as the most exciting time of the year, this is because it signals the end – and the beginning of another year. The month is usually enthusiastic as it’s filled with festivals and carnivals in most cities across the country. It is seen as a period for families in various communities to come together in celebrations. Below is a list of major carnivals and festivals held across states in Nigeria during December.

  1. Carniriv

The Carniriv is an annual festival held in Port Harcourt, the Garden City and capital of Rivers State in Nigeria. The Carnival starts a few weeks before Christmas and lasts for seven days.

Couple's Travelling

It is a known fact that one of the biggest incentives for travelling is the opportunity to make memories so that you can relive moments.

A trip to the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower, commonly called Big Ben, one of London's most iconic landmarks and must-see attractions  may probably be insipid and arid if you are unable to capture the exciting moments. When memories fade, you cannot recover them. It is gone forever! Therefore, it is very important to record every moment. So, how do you capture these memories? Kindred Travels and Tours share some ideas:

Blogs & Vlogs

If you are digitally savvy, you can write blogs or shoot videos about your travel. However, WordPress and YouTube have made it very easy to write and produce your travel memories. This will no doubt help you experience again these experiences in the future.

Write Journals

Some travellers like to stay off the internet when they travel; if you’re in this category, keeping a journal and pen will be a significant thing that happen during your trip. Ensure that you update your journal daily. If you want, you can use your phone to take notes.

The local cuisines in Edo state, located in the south-south zone of Nigeria, is a range of meals that are found in most other southern states, however there are some meals that are uniquely tied to their people. Although these indigenous meals have variations in other cultures and places, they are popular within the state and have come to be known as Edo food, as they are believed to have originated from the area. 

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